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Monday, September 7, 2015

Intro- www.startinglifeoveragain.com

This blog is going to be about a few different yet very connected topics.  They will all lead down to life experiences and following your dreams.

The Basics-

Over the last 7 years I have gone through college, moving half way across the country, career, gaining 50 lbs, house purchase, break up, bankruptcy, losing 75 lbs, career change, upgrade courses, moving half way across the country, and preparing for school.

Right now I am in the middle of rebuilding my life as a single woman. When I claimed bankruptcy and went through my separation I lost a lot. I didn’t decided to claim bankruptcy as the easy way out but I was left with it as it was my only choice after my ex claimed bankruptcy and left me with everything- all of the debt. Except because of her bankruptcy I had to give up my car and the house. I was left with even more debt and nothing to show for it at all.
The reason that I have decided to write this blog is because I spent so much time trying to research what would happen to me and if I would ever be able to do anything with my life ever again. There are all kinds of articles online and information that will help you claim and help you decide if claiming is a good idea for you and how it will effect your life during the process. I could not, no matter how hard I searched, find information from people that have claimed after the completed and how it is effecting their credit life now.

So that’s what I am going to write.
I am just coming up on two years since claiming and just over a year since being discharged. I am right around the area that I want to start applying to things again like car loans and student loans.  I will let you all know the stories about how I came to the decision (maybe a little late) to claim, how I went about it and the process. I am also going to tell you all where my credit scores are at now and what I am still dealing with from claiming.

However, aside from the bankruptcy and rebuilding my life from scratch I am also going to write about a few other things as well. When I finished high school- I didn’t really finish, I just stopped going after I had gotten a job and I had failed all the courses in my make up semester- because I didn’t go to them. But how I have been working at it on the side for the past few years and I finally finished the required courses for my diploma and I am just now ready to start applying for school. I am planning to go to college for RPN in January of 2016 than in Sept 2018 I plan to start the 3 year bridging course for RN…. FINALLY.

This is actually going to be a third career for me. I was deterred for going for my dreams of being either a Dr. or an RN because of a teacher I had in high school. Then shortly after that is when I stopped going and messing up about the last year and a half of my high school diploma. This same teacher helped me get into the Cooking field. (he basically told me that I wasn’t smart enough to do either of the above jobs but that my idea of being a cook was a great job for me) I then jumped head first into being a cook for the next 10 years. I learnt everything I could, I thrived for the adrenaline that I would get when the printer wouldn’t stop printing tickets for customer waiting for food. It was an amazing feeling. I even was eventually able to work my way up to being the chefs right hand girl and being his chosen one for an apprenticeship. He taught me everything he knows. He got me into the best Culinary school in Canada (one of the top 10 in the world). I was top of my class in every single one of my classes. There was one class imparticular. Nutrition. This wasn’t just what are the different food groups, this was a very in depth nutrition course that would be provided to anyone in an intro to nutrition course. I was hooked. I loved everything about meal planning, macro nutrients and all of it. I just couldn’t get it out of my head. I even ended up furthering that into a fitness and nutrition certificate program that was basically a program for a personal trainer and all of the nutrition information that they would need to help a client lead a healthier life style.
Anyways, these lead me into the gym where I got myself fit and was able to lose about 75 lbs in less than 6 months. This also continued to increase my interest in anatomy and how the body works….. and of course it all brought me back around to wanting to be a nurse.
I decided I needed to do something, I needed to prove that teacher wrong, I needed to fix my high school transcript so that I could apply to college. I was not only missing 3 credits but I was also missing both Biology and Chemistry, my English mark was there but it was in the 60s and I needed a grade 12 Math.  (an unrelated topic but the qualifications for an OSSD are really lacking. It may be true that a student that wants to do something in the science field should take science courses and someone in the tech field should take courses in the that field, but the problem is that they need to spend more time in the earlier years to help us decide what we want so we know what courses to take. Or even extend high school for one or two extra years specifically for prerequisites. Anyway rant over)

I am now at the point that I have been able to get most of my prerequisites out of the way, just started my last one yesterday. Applying for school for January. I am getting my finances in order and rebuilding my credit.  I am also in need of a vehicle because as an adult returning to fulltime studies, I also need to work full time so I need a vehicle to be able to get around to all of the place that I need to be and still have time for sleep.

I want to write about my experiences because I know I really wished that I had some experiences to read.  I had and still have questions like “when can I get approved for a car loan after bankruptcy?” and “can I get approved for student loans after claiming bankruptcy?” or “how can you pay for college as an adult that does not have parents to cosign or a partner to pay the rent” You will also see things like work out routines and recipes appear on my page because I am a nutrition fan, that loves to work out and also a chef that loves to cook. I have put on a bit of weigh recently and just renewed my gym membership through work and if I can work up the effort to get all the way down there before I secure a car then I will be working out to gain energy and live healthy again. Now that my financials are getting themselves in order, school, and everything else, I really need to start working out so that I can be fully confident in myself again because I know that my current body is making me go back into my shell. I lived in that shell for way to long and I cant let it happen again.

I am going to write smaller blogs about current things that are happening but I am going to start with 2 longer write ups

-How did it get so bad and How I made the decision to claim Bankruptcy


-9 months of being Bankrupt.