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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Accepted!!!... which means Student loan....

I just found out the other day that I have been accepted to Nursing in January of 2016.

Which means, I need to pay for either it out of my pocket somehow or apply for student loans.
As I am sure you know that I had claimed bankruptcy and this is going to be tough.

The reason that I am more for a student loan than any other type of loan at this point is that I will have time to finish school before I need to start paying it back.

I know that it can be different for every where but where I am located, they do not run credit checks on kids under 21. Those of us that are pushing 30 are not so lucky.
They are also a little different in that they are need based. Which means, the more I made this year and the amount I will need to work to pay for my life while in school will make it so that I make too much money for a decent amount.

Student loans will not approve someone that is still bankrupt (hasnt yet been discharged)
After applying, they havent out right refused me which is good. It looks like if I am approved, I will be approved for 2300. That is the exact amount for the first semester of school.
Books are going to be 1700 for the first term only so that is going to be hard enough already after buying winter tires. (for the car in previous post)

They are going to run a credit check on me. They have asked me to fill out and send back 2 different forms and they have requested my discharge information.
I will send all of this in and go from there. Fingers crossed I find out soon.
Although I really do not want to have a huge debt after just one semester of school (seeing I have many more to come), it would be awesome to get 3000 to help pay for some of the books.

I will follow up through out the journey.....